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Array Database

Array Database

Array database management systems (DBMSs) provide database services specifically for arrays; for example, homogeneous collections of data items, sitting on a regular grid of one, two, or more dimensions. Such arrays tend to be Big Data, with single objects frequently ranging into Terabyte and soon Petabyte sizes; for example, today’s earth and space observation archives typically grow by Terabytes a day. Array databases aim at offering flexible, scalable storage and retrieval on this information category.

  • Scientific array data storage
  • Query processing on Array Database
  • Array query processing for cloud systems
BigData/Cloud Computing

BigData/Cloud computing

BigData/Cloud computing is a newly emerging issue in the database world, which focuses on data processing and management techniques on elastic, fault-prone, and shared-nothing architectures where commodity servers are connected one another through high-speed networks. Currently, our lab especially concentrates on solving following problems.

  • Distributed query processing and dynamic query planning for distributed systems
  • Columnar storage for distributed systems and its query planning and query optimization
  • Adaptive indexing for distributed systems
Database Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Organizations collect vast amounts of information on individuals. At the same time they have access to increasing levels of computational power. Although this conjunction of information and power provides great benefits to society, it also threatens individuals privacy. Thus, data privacy and protecting individuals’ anonymity have become a mainstream for research. Recently, we have carried out researches including the following.

  • Privacy preserving data publishing
  • Privacy leakages detection in SNS
  • Privacy protection for cloud systems
Spatial Database

Spatial Database

Spatial database is a research area that focuses on optimization of storing and querying data related to objects in space including points, lines and polygons and even multi-dimensional numeric data. With the advent of wireless and mobile computing, every problem in the spatial database needs to deal with spatio-temporal data such as trajectories of moving objects. The representation of time-evolving spatial data as well as query evaluation on them have become as one of the most challenging issues.

  • Spatial data storage
  • Location based query processing
  • Cloud-based spatial query engine
  • Geo-Social query processing on spatial database


Cluster and GPU servers we have.